Hot Chocolate Love Letters


temperatures reaching into the negatives.

schools closed for days on end.

people freezing (?) their pants (?!) “for fun” (?!?!!).

friends, this can only mean one thing.

…IT’S HOT CHOCOLATE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and/or the apocalypse.)

i prefer to believe the former. after all, i am a bona fide hot chocolate (or “hot choc” as i call it) connoisseur, and any excuse to dip into my pantry and emerge with hot cocoa mix is a good one. if you follow me on instagram, you’ve witnessed the alarming frequency with which i perform said emerging.

and for that, i am sorry.

now, with all this talk of polar vortex and hot choc, i know what you must be thinking. “rebekah, don’t you…live…in san francisco?”

good question, reader. good question.

the thing is, yes, i absolutely do. but i’m also a new englander at heart, and i just so happen to spend half of each month in new york these days (where my boyfriend resides!).

…all of which must qualify me to reap the chocolate-laden benefits of east coast winter living.

come to think of it, i’m actually on a plane to new york city as i write this. whaddya know.

but enough about me, and more about hot choc.

i’m particularly proud of this recipe — if you can call it that. (in reality, it’s more of a "downward pressing motion” than a full-on “recipe,” but, i digress.) i first had the idea when i saw this go by on pinterest AGAIN. seriously, the image of that hot choc with its marshmallow heart must fly by every hour on the hour in february, and at this point it practically haunts my dreams.

what happened is that i actually set out to make exactly that — a hot chocolate with a heart-shaped marshmallow topper — but after rummaging through my kitchen drawers, i realized i must have either misplaced or discarded my heart cookie cutters during my move to SF.

tragic. i know.

but what i did come across were my miniature letter cutters.

and thus the love notes hot chocolate was born. out of convenience, yes, but also cuteness.

the rest, as they say, is history.

or at least, i’ve made a historical record of it on this here blog post for you to mimic in your own kitchens. as i said, there’s really no exact science to it, but i did discover a few tricks for keeping the marshmallows looking pretty (not to mention some creative ideas for keeping them afloat).

i can’t imagine a more perfect accompaniment to any valentine’s day breakfast-in-bed (assuming your breakfast recipient doesn’t mind you CAREENING about their precious bed linens with a mug of piping-hot milk). and after the holiday, too, i feel like this would just be a sweet winter activity for kids in the kitchen.

oh! and you can write messages other than “xoxo,” of course — so long as you take into account that the letters don’t stay put; they sort of float around. so you may have to select words with that in mind, lest you end up with an unintentionally raunchy message or something.

the point is, IT’S JUST ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! and i hope it brings you as much joy as it brought me.


JPEG image-CFEB2A2EC346-11.jpeg
JPEG image-CFEB2A2EC346-13.jpeg

love notes hot chocolate

what you’ll need

  • flat marshmallows (you can find these at almost any chain supermarket, online, or make your own if you’re feeling particularly ambitious; i recommend the JetPuffed StackerMallows…but these Hot Cocoa Toppers from Sur La Table are also thin enough to do the trick — they’re what i used the first time i made these (and you can see them in the video at the top of the post!)

  • your favorite hot chocolate recipe, prepared in your favorite mug!

  • a set of mini letter cookie cutters! i used these, and have used them on a ton of different projects and recipes for the past five years!

  • some sort of wooden

what you’ll do

  1. lay one marshmallow at a time on a flat surface, and use the letter cutters to cut out the shapes you want!

    (pro tip: if you’re using non-flat marshmallows — which i highly do not recommend, because they won’t float properly in the hot chocolate and will make a mess and are generally just not suited for this purpose — you’ll want to at least cut the marshmallow in half, height-wise, just before this step! you might also consider coating the sticky inner part of the marshmallow in confectioner’s / powdered sugar so that it doesn’t make a mess when you go to cut it.) (good luck to ya..)

  2. float the ‘mallows in the hot chocolate in order to write out “xoxo,” your best friend’s middle name, or whatever your heart desires. just remember that the letters are going to float around in the mug, which makes it difficult to form words longer than 3 letters.

  3. serve as quickly as possible! the marshmallows are bound to begin dissolving and/or absorbing unsightly chocolate pretty quickly.

    and ENJOY!