Passover Seder Hostess Gifts


PASSOVER. the hunger. the hanger. the dipping your pinky in grape juice. the custom haggadot my mom made that very plainly read “community of beavers” where they should read “community of believers.”

what’s not to love?

actually, there’s so much to love about passover that i felt the urge to start posting about it now, a full 3 months early. crazy? sure, maybe, a little, but when your calendar doesn’t include christmas, all that would-be advent calendar excitement has to go somewhere.

(it’s going here.)

ever since i was a little girl making homemade maror with my dad in our connecticut kitchen, i’ve proudly claimed this one as my favorite holiday. as horseradish fumes wafted up to the ceiling, and our eyes began to sting and burn and finally tear uncontrollably, and we had no choice but to run around the house shrieking, “MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!”, i’d think to myself, “what could be better than this?”

does that sound completely terrible? i assure you, it wasn’t. chumming up to raw horseradish is about as close as this girl will get to starring in a mission: impossible film…and, of course, the resulting maror is always delicious.

that excitement — that pure, shrieking-my-head-off, guzzling-three-cartons-of-milk, toxic-horseradish-vapors feeling — is still with me today. it’s why, even as we approach page 934,935,302 in our haggadot and visions of G-d-fearing beavers dance in our heads, i’m still smiling.


this year, i’m sharing a few hostess gift ideas for those of you who are attending a seder in someone else’s home. (possibly for the first time! in which case, get ready for the best and longest night ever). outfitted in dreamy pastel hues, these sophisticated, whimsical picks will likely match the decor of just about any hostess’ home. and whether you’re headed to an in-law’s, a friend’s, or a guy-you’re-sort-of-dating’s-country-home, these are the perfect way to thank someone for their trouble.

(as always, the rule of thumb here is not to bring anything edible to a passover seder unless you know for sure it’s kosher for passover — including wine.)

click through the links below to shop, and chag Pesach kasher vesame’ach! in 3 months.

1 // Marble & Acacia Wood Serving Board

2 // Fujifilm Instant Camera in Smokey White

3 // Grey-Blue Tea Towel

4 // Serena & Lily Suffolk Tray

5 // CB2 Brass & Glass Trays

6 // Blush Alpaca Scarf

7 // Ottolenghi: Simple Cookbook

8 // Handmade Lavender Soap

9 // Striped Olive Oil

10 // Rose Quartz Tray

11 // Juliska Hostess Tray

12 // Marble & Brass Cheese Knives

13 // Dark Chocolate Egg Matzo (Kosher for Passover)

14 // Camping Matchbox, to pair with…

15 // Cedar Matte Glass Candle

16 // Tishbi Vineyards Kosher Wine