What’s In My Makeup Bag: Winter 2019


happy thursday!! i’m in new york this week and it is COLD out there. hope you’re all bundled up and cozy somewhere.

today i’m sharing a quick run-down of all the brushes and powders and glosses currently taking up residence in my makeup bag. these are the products i've been using every single day (!) for the past few months, and i've been loving them.

i’ll keep this one brief…it’s fairly self-explanatory. but you can find shopping links below! :)

RECENT makeup essentials

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Photo Edition Foundation in "Rose Ivory” and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation in "215 Buff N"

i’m pretty fair-skinned (and that’s putting it kindly), so i often have trouble finding foundation that matches my skin tone but doesn’t make me look like a zombie. unfortunately, if i really do stick to my natural color and spread it all over my face, i legitimately end up ghost-white. i haven’t yet found the perfect, just-right solution, but recently i’ve taken to mixing these two foundations together on the back of my hand. the laura mercier one has pink-ish undertones, while the lancome appears to be a little more on the yellow side, and together they give me a nice, pale, natural look that’s still got enough spice and color to make me look…alive. sigh. foundation is a tricky one for us translucent ladies; i’ll try to post here if i ever find that holy grail color.

Benefit Cosmetics "Watt's Up" Soft Focus Cream Highlighter

after i apply my foundation (with a brush, not a beauty blender! really not a fan of those anymore…but that’s just my personal preference), i swipe this highlighter on my index and middle fingers, then i apply it to my cheekbones. i also apply it to my brow bone / area just below my eyebrows, and i put a touch on the bridge of my nose. basically, emphasizing the surfaces off of which light would naturally reflect. i’ve been using this since college, and still haven’t found a better highlighter.

Nars Powder Blush in "Orgasm”

the orgasm blush is a cult classic for a reason! i love that it’s buildable, so you can really amp up the color for nighttime events but keep things more subdued during the day. it also has a touch of shimmer, which i love.

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Lipstick in "Velvet Morning”

this is sold out “indefinitely,” which is very sad because it is THE most epic, punchy red. it’s electrifying. i don’t even think you can call it red, honestly. it’s practically neon. but whatever it is, it’s fabulous. if you can’t get your hands on it, at the very least do yourself a favor and start watching lisa eldridge’s youtube channel (she’s the founder of the lipstick line and a brilliant youtuber from whom i learned a lot of what i know about makeup).

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Lipstick in "Red Velvet”

another bold red. this one’s even deeper than the lisa eldridge one—so use with caution. but personally, i’m all about the over-the-top reds in winter. it’s the best way to inject a little color into your wardrobe in the middle of a dreary season.

Urban Decay "Naked" Palette (Original)

at this point, there are so many different “naked” palettes out there…it’s hard to keep straight which one is really the best. well, i’m here to straighten that out for you, once and for all: the original is! duh! at least for me. i love the purplish tones here, and i feel like i haven’t really found another palette that’s as pigmented, while still being blend-able. and blending is key with shadow!

Lorac Eye Shadow Pro Palette 3

…whoops, i lied. i do have another palette that i enjoy using; it’s the lorac pro palette 3. but just to be clear, i prefer the naked palette! i use this one when i’m traveling or when i’m doing television segments and need to stuff a TON of makeup into a small bag. it’s too bad that the naked palette is just too clunky to carry in a small makeup bag. this is a very, very close second for me. and not only is the packaging a bit lighter, it’s also a pretty nude linen color that looks beautiful on my bathroom counter.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in "Blackest Black"

every girl needs a go-to drugstore liner—something she can snatch up in emergency situations. (eyeliner emergencies are surprisingly common.) this one’s mine, though i’ll add that i really prefer using a pencil to a liquid liner. when i’m in a hurry, this is what i swipe onto my eyes. pencil takes a few extra seconds and sometimes you really gotta RUN.

NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in "Via Veneto"

love this, too. it’s a pencil but it’s super, super creamy—almost like a gel liner. (speaking of which, when i was in high school 83 years ago, the only makeup i wore was this bobbi brown gel liner. it took forever to apply, but i loved it. i think that’s why i tend to stick with soft pencil liners these days.)

NARS Climax Mascara in "Explicit Black"

there should really be a nobel prize for mascara invention. whoever invented this stuff would win. it’s goopy. SO goopy. the goop you’ve been waiting for your whole life. it doesn’t last too long—maybe a month, a month-and-a-half? but it’s worth every penny if you wear mascara frequently and want your eyes to really pop. i’m in love.

Wander Beauty Unlashed Mascara in "Tarmac”

this is another great, great mascara, but i have to admit it’s not my favorite. it’s just something i keep in my makeup bag because it came highly recommended from friends, and it works fine. i prefer a little more goop, though. if you’re into a more natural, barely-there look, this is probably for you.

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