On My Bucket List: Summer 2019


oh my goodness, it’s SUMMER! already! and i’m way too excited. mainly because, after enduring the fog and chilliness in san francisco this past fall, i’ve been feeling extra grateful to be back on the east coast just in time for the loveliest time of the year. i’m not sure it’s my favorite—that honor is reserved for the first few weeks of fall and spring—but there really isn’t any other season that’s quite as predictably excellent on nearly any given day. i love walking out of the office and still seeing sunshine, and i love the optimism of the whole season…the endless, always-within-reach possibilities for outdoor movies and trips up the hudson and al fresco dining. i love dipping into the park on my walk to work each morning, and i love making trips to the farmer’s market, and…just, everything. i’m getting carried away. i’ll stop. but below are a few things on my bucket list for the next few months. leave me a comment to let me know what’s on yours—i wanna know! xx


go berry + peach picking in august
move into my new apartment (!) and decorate, decorate, decorate
picnic in central park as often as i can
read outside, run outside, generally stay outside
try citibike for the first time
see an
outdoor movie (or two) (or seven)
scout out a lovely new favorite restaurant in my new neighborhood
take the ferry to rockaway beach and reunite with
these tacos
try, yet again, to fall in love with rosé
swing dancing!
see a handful of shows at
lincoln center
start hosting shabbat regularly once i’ve got my new place set up
make s’mores!
go to shakespeare in the park
perfect my margarita-making skills
go fishing! somewhere! someway, somehow…
walk to work every day along the park
see a baseball game
start frequenting the
tucker square greenmarket (near my new apartment!)
gather a few friends together for a hiking trip upstate
start my etsy shop up again at long last
watch fireworks from my roof on the fourth


this magical summery salad
hummus quesdillas
american flag pie for the fourth
cilantro lime cauliflower rice
vegetarian summer rolls
this homemade,
no-churn ice cream 😍
oven-roasted corn-on-the-cob
one of these gorgeous
crudite platters
these pretty
fourth of july cocktails
baked green beans


these earrings
drinking glasses
cheese board
a new set of
these cheese knives
record player

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