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Mini "Gefilte Fish" Cookie and Candy Jars

It’s amazing, really, because I actually did set out to write a nice, normal post today. Featuring a nice, normal recipe. With nice, normal ingredients. And the next thing I knew I was researching fish puns and shoving gefilte fish cookies into tiny jars. I’m truly sorry. If it makes you feel any better, just imagine my boyfriend’s face when he walked into our apartment and unsuspectingly…

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Easy Hot Chocolate "Love Letters"

temperatures reaching into the negatives. schools closed for days on end. friends, this can only mean one thing. …IT’S HOT CHOCOLATE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and/or the apocalypse.) i prefer to believe the former. after all, i am a bona fide hot chocolate (or “hot choc” as i call it) connoisseur, and any excuse to dip into my pantry and emerge with hot cocoa mix is a good one. if you follow me on instagram, you’ve witnessed the alarming frequency with which i…

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